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Three SIM Cards

Three SIM only deals are available in standard, micro and nano SIM cards. The all-you-can-eat data structure allows you to use your existing phone while saving money on your monthly tariff. You can also make use of this plan if you’ve got an unlocked phone just lying around and waiting to be used. There are two payment options to choose from with the 3 mobile SIM. The first is organized as a pay as you go which is based on your usage. The second option more closely resembles a pay monthly package. Additional 3 SIM card plans are available for tablets and other handheld devices (i.e. iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, Google Nexus, etc.)

So what type of plan should you opt for? Well, if you have every intention to stick with a 3 SIM only contract then you might be better getting a monthly plan but if you’re new to the idea and just want to test it out for a trial period then consider the pay as you go route. Packages start as low as £10 for the SIM 100 1-month plan and go up to and over £25 for more advanced plans. These are offered through the main broadband SIM only plans including Broadband Lite, Broadband 5B, and Broadband 15GB.

The majority of smartphones work with 3 SIM only deals with the exception of some iPhones and Nokia phones which are only compatible with micro SIMs. Apart from that, the 3 SIM card that you’ll require is all dependent on the model phone you have. Review the deals organized by number of minutes, texts, data, contract length and cost. The rating has also been provided based on customer satisfaction and feedback. SIM only deals are the way to go for the best valued plans, exclusive online deals, flexible contracts and comparison tables.