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T-Mobile SIM Card

T-Mobile SIM only plans are made for individuals who’d like to switch their current mobile plan or network but don’t want to change their device. Depending on the plan you select—pay as you go or pay monthly— the cost of your monthly tariff will vary.

Nevertheless, T-Mobile SIM only offers a convenient and accessible channel to order your next plan. They’re sent through the post so after a few days you should receive the card. You can get up to two free SIMs per customer and can also contact request additional SIM cards.

When ordering your cards you’ll be able to choose from either a pay as you go option or monthly plan. As indicated by the name, a pay as you go option allows you to select specifically the number of text, calls, and data. What’s more, this system comes with a number of incentives that can be redeemed after topping £10.

  • Free SIM card with a text plan
  • Free Blackberry mail with a SIM plan
  • Free SIM with a talk plan (100 UK minutes)
  • Free SIM with an international plan (70 international minutes)

For an additional £5 you’ll have free internet access for the next month. The micro SIM is recommended and compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as Nokia Windows 7 phone.

The other option, previously mentioned, is the pay monthly plan. This ranges from £7 per month to £61 which is affordable compared to many other companies on the market. As an added extra you can also sign up for a free unlimited booster from a selection of four internet options:

  • Basic: 250 MB
  • Standard: 750 MB
  • Extra: 1.5 GB
  • Unlimited: no limit

T-mobile SIM only deals are really a great bang for your buck. Between their monthly plans and pay as you go options there’s something appropriate for everyone.