Q: Do SIM only deals have a contract?

Most SIM only deals do not have a contract because the plans don’t include a new handset. The great thing about this arrangement is that you aren’t forced to cancel an agreement if you find a more attractive deal with another network. What you should do, though, is give a 30-day notice as a courtesy before switching.

Q: What’s the billing process?

In the same way that you would pay monthly for a mobile phone package, you can pay per month for your SIM card through a carrier. You’ll receive a paper bill each month which will show your usage and total including VAT. Depending on the carrier, you’ll also have a few options regarding payment, so be sure to contact them for specifics.

Q: How long is the delivery and setup process?

In all it takes about 2 days from the point of purchase. It does, however, depend on your geographic location in some cases. It is not uncommon to receive your SIM card next day or even same day.

Q: Will my credit be checked?

A basic credit check is usually conducted by the network issuing the SIM just for added security. Since you’re not enrolling in a long-term contract, most people pass the checks and if not most networks will discuss their alternatives.

Q: Do SIM only contracts work abroad?

Assuming that the countries you are travelling to have mobile networks and transmitters, you should have no problem making and receiving calls. To be certain, you can always contact your carrier’s customer service department and confirm the SIM contract prices and coverage.

Q: Will a new SIM card work with my old mobile handset?

It really depends on the model and age of your handset. Your best bet is to load in the new network SIM and see if the phone functions normally. If it doesn’t then you may need to get it unlocked by contacting the phone’s maker. Some fees may apply for unlocking but you won’t be charged for the new SIM card (aside from the monthly plan).

Q: Can I transfer my mobile number to a SIM only plan?

You can port and transfer your existing number using a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC code). Basically, give your current provider the number and new network and they’ll go forward with the transferring.

Q: What are the disadvantages and can I switch plans?

Overall, the only disadvantage is the fact that you don’t get a new handset, but that’s why the savings are so considerable. With the money you save from a traditional 24 month contract you can buy a handset separately and still have money to spare. What’s more, you’ll never be tied down to a contract, so you’ll get the freedom to switch networks or upgrade/downgrade plans at any time.

Q: What types of SIM only deals exist with the iPhone?

Since the O2 sim card doesn’t have exclusive rights to the iPhone anymore, the industry for iPhone SIM only contracts has taken off and vastly expanded. Check the iPhone SIM page for more plans featuring Apple devices.