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Micro SIM Card

SIM cards have been around since the early 90s, and as is the usual trend with technology, they’ve been reconfigured to be smaller in size. We started out with standard SIM cards, then developed micro and nano. A micro SIM is the same thing as the SIM cards found in older phones but cut down to nearly half the size. They’re most commonly found in iPads and mobile phones including the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Micro SIM cards are the second smallest SIM, and they can store as much data as larger size models. Additionally, there are also adaptable SIM cards that can seamlessly switch between phones that use micro SIM cards and larger SIM cards by having a larger SIM that the micro fits into. When you want to fit it into your phone, the standard part of the SIM snaps off and then it slides into the slot in the back of your phone.

The latest trend hitting the UK is a type of mobile phone contract that doesn’t rely entirely on a provider or specific device. These are known as SIM only contracts, and they are commonly used with micro and nano SIM cards. Many providers are using these contracts to give their customers a little more freedom to choose a flexible plan that fits their needs. Mobile providers like O2, Vodafone, and Three have many SIM only and micro SIM deals available on their website.

If you’re tech savvy or always on top of the newest phones and tablets, then you may already have a micro SIM card. With these new SIM only deals happening in the UK, you can get text, minutes, and data for as little as £15 a month. It’s hard to beat that when matched with more expensive standard mobile phone contracts.