International SIM Card

Travel SIM Card

In the past, traveling abroad often meant being out of touch with home for long periods of time or paying a lot for long distance calling. Today we have the luxury of consistent access to our network of friends and family. When you take your mobile phone abroad you have several options when it comes to staying connected to your network. You can just stick with a contract phone and pay for roaming charges or you can choose between some prepaid options. Pre-paid SIM cards are great for accommodating the flexibility needed for travel. You can also choose to find a SIM card that allows you to move around to different destinations.

There are two different types of international SIM cards: global SIM cards and local SIM cards. A local SIM is any pre-paid card that you might find in the area you are visiting that allows you to access a network while you are there. This comes with its own set of pros and cons. On the one hand, local SIMs are flexible, pre-paid and help you avoid roaming charges. You can use it while you are in the country and then be done with it when you leave. However, a local SIM does not necessarily allow for travel beyond that country or area. If you plan on visiting multiple countries then you may find them inconvenient.

The better option for a traveler who has many destinations is a pre-paid global SIM card. These allow you to travel to roam to many countries without losing connection, paying for expensive roaming charges or finding new local SIMs. Global SIM cards are especially helpful in Europe where there are many popular destinations and roaming rates are pretty fairly priced.

So, if you are headed to one location try a foreign local SIM but if you have multiple destinations, consider a global SIM card.