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These days, every phone company wants their customers to sign a contract. Typically, you may be locked in with a mobile phone company for up to 2 years if not more. If you find yourself unhappy with your contract, you have to wait for it to end to switch companies or to try a new one. 3G SIM only is bringing an end to this, and it is one of the more popular options in the UK.

Many of the top companies offer a 3G SIM card for devices set to handle this network. To name a few—Vodafone, Orange, and O2 offer 3G SIM cards for free when you buy £10 airtime (i.e. minutes or calling time). However, you can buy some deals dealing with calling, texting, and even data for as little as £15-20. Many of these 3G SIM cards come with a variety of plans, ranging from 12 month contracts, to month to month contracts.

As you can see, there is a wide variety to choose from, and plenty of ways to find out which deal fits your mobile phone persona. You can pay-as-you-go, get a monthly or yearly contract, opt for an international SIM card or get phone-specific 3G SIM only contract. Do you want to just talk and text? Maybe you like surfing the internet? All that and more is offered by different providers, and the choices are all up to you.

Sounds like mobile phone companies in the UK are giving the power back to their customers. The sign of true customer appreciation and value shows in the amazing deals with data, minutes, and what we all love: no surprise bills. Check out one of the providers above for your next step in being contract-free with a 3G SIM Card.