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The “pay as you go” model is by no means a new concept but it seems to be making a comeback—particularly in the SIM plan industry. This phrase is used to define a mobile plan that doesn’t lock you in for a few years or hit you with a surprise bill. That’s right, a pay as you go SIM plan is exactly what it sounds like—you only pay for what you use, no more and no less. With SIM only plans popping up all around the UK, it’s unbelievable the types of features you can get for as low as £10.

Imagine free calls to any network plus 300 free minutes if you buy a £30 plan, or getting a new phone completely free. How about getting rewards like a credit card for adding money to your mobile account? These are just some of the goodies you can get with PAYG SIM only plans. Multiple providers around the UK are upping the ante to not only make a sale but to empower their customers. You pick your plan, you pick what you pay, and it’s all under your control.

Take a look at the list of providers that offer pay as you go SIM deals, as well as the goodies they throw in:

Be sure to do the research, compare plans, and find what fits you best. Remember, with pay as you go SIM mobile plans, you have the power to choose what you’re willing to pay for so take control today.