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Orange SIM Card

Orange SIM only offers business professionals and traditional customers the flexibility of a customizable package while simultaneously meeting their need for an affordable mobile provider. The majority of Orange SIM only deals come with bundled mobile phones as long as users stay locked in for a certain period. This type of structure usually appeals to users who don’t want to upgrade or change the type of mobile device they have. It’s also a feasible preference for people purchasing a second-hand phone and then making the switch to the new provider.

There are two types of contracts applicable to the SIM only Orange plan. The first consists of a pay monthly contract while the second is pay as you go. A pay monthly contract is highly advised for anyone who is planning to use the Orange SIM as their primary line because you’ll have a predetermined number of minutes, data and texts each month. This alleviates the worry and hassle of running out of balance. The other option is the pay as you go plan which is determined by your running total.

Here’s a list of some of the pay monthly plans offered by Orange:

  • Dolphin: unlimited texts and 500 MB of mobile browsing
  • Canary: unlimited texts (SIM only plans above £10)
  • Camel: texts, UK minutes and calls to over 50 countries

These pay monthly plans run the duration of anywhere from 1 month to 12. Discounts and savings are also available to those who choose an Orange SIM card with the 12-month pay monthly option.

Conversely, the pay as you go plan with Orange SIM forces you to top up so that you can actually use your credits. Here are just a few of the plans available with pay as you go:

  • Monkey: free music/texts
  • Dolphin: free internet/texts
  • Canary: free calls/texts/photo messages
  • Racoon: lowest call rate
  • Camel: free international calling minutes

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