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SIM Only Monthly Deals

For anyone who is looking for a flexible and affordable mobile phone plan, there is no deal more malleable than SIM only monthly contracts. The fact that you don’t need to purchase a phone along with the plan means the payments are much cheaper than other types of contracts, and the month-by-month basis means that you won’t get stuck with long-term commitments, 12-month contracts are also available.

Not only can you keep your old phone with a pay-monthly SIM contract, you can also keep your current phone number. On top of the fact that the plans are very affordable, they also give you your money’s worth of minutes and data. Many plans allow more minutes and data for less money than other plans.

The benefits of SIM only plans

Although you have to supply your own phone or use an old one, this simple requirement opens you up to SIM only deals with a variety of benefits. Because you aren’t paying for a phone over the length of your contract (as is the case with most mobile contracts, often at inflated prices), your money goes towards more minutes and data. However, the real unique benefit of a SIM only plan is the short contract term. Most typical contracts with major providers are for about two years. This term length makes up for the deals you get on top phones and smartphones when signing up for or renewing a contract. With SIM only contracts there is no phone to pay off, so terms only last for one year or even one month. Even when you do go with a one-year contract, you will get great value as a reward for your commitment. In fact, the deals that are available with 12-month contracts are so appealing it has made them more popular than even the one-month deals.

Another benefit to SIM only contracts is that you are not committed to any particular phone. With a normal contract, you can choose from a limited selection of phones which are offered by the provider. With SIM only, you can choose any unlocked phone, or unlock a phone yourself. With technology advancing so quickly these days, not being committed to a phone for two years is very valuable.