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iPhone 5 SIM Only

The UK is really making some waves in terms of the SIM only deals offered by major mobile providers. They have a wide variety of promotions on everything from the standard SIM to the nano SIM. Apple’s iPhone 5 SIM card is one of the smallest SIMs ever designed, and because of its condensed electrical pattern it’s only two thirds as large as its predecessor.

T-mobile, Three, and O2 all have impressive offers for the iPhone 5 SIM, some of which include low monthly rates and pay-as-you-go plans for less than £20. You can even get a free SIM from a number of manufacturers just for purchasing talk time. What’s more, you have the ability to top off your account by adding more airtime for calls.

iPhone 5 SIM cards are included when you purchase an iPhone and mobile service plan, but with an iPhone 5 SIM only plan, you don’t need to worry about keeping a contract for a year or more if you find yourself unsatisfied with the service. In fact, that’s the point of selecting a SIM only plan with the iPhone 5 SIM—you gain flexibility. You can choose how to pay and the length of the term, whether it’s a rollover monthly plan or a full year.

A few other providers in the UK have jumped on board the iPhone 5 SIM only bandwagon, such as Orange, Vodafone, and EE. With the variety of providers offering SIM only calling and data plans, it’s nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t fit your criteria whether it revolves around data, price, or a combination of the two. Imagine never being restricted to a mobile contract again! This isn’t just a fantasy; you can make it a reality —so why put off the switch any longer? Check out what clicks for you.