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iPhone 4 SIM Only

iPhones seem to grow in popularity with each new generation. When a new iPhone is getting ready to hit stores, it is the most buzzed about topic around all types of media. However, let’s not forget about the quality Apple products from yesteryear. As 5s and 5c take center stage, some aren’t ready to part with their 4, 4s or 5, especially now that iOS 7 has revamped them in the latest update. The fourth generation was the first to introduce the micro SIM card which is exactly what it sounds like, a smaller version of a typical SIM card.

iPhone 4 and 4s

The two phones of the fourth and fifth generation of iPhone introduced a lot of firsts besides the micro SIM. It was first to use the thinner and more rectangular shape, the 4s was the first to have iPhone’s helpful robot Siri, and the 4 was the first to come in both black and white. Together they are two enormously popular phones, and it is no surprise that some people still use theirs in spite of the new generations.

SIM Card for iPhone 4 and 4s

Although the 4 saw the beginning of the use of a unique SIM card, if you want to keep your 4 or 4s and move to a cheaper more versatile SIM only plan, you are covered. There are iPhone 4 SIM only deals that offer plans that are specific to iPhone users including the special micro SIM card. SIM only plans are great for iPhone 4 and 4s users. Both have great access to quick SMS and internet use so plans that offer cheaper prices on more data, minutes and texts are perfect.

So if you got an iPhone 4 or a 4s with a long, expensive contract and now it’s over, you can move to a cheaper and more flexible SIM only deal and still keep your phone.