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SIM Only Deals for the iPhone 5, 4 and 3

A SIM only deal for your iPhone is a great way to seriously cut your monthly phone bill once your contract runs out. With Apple iPhone plans typically running between £30 and £60 per month you may be able to save yourself £300+ per year if you are happy to keep your existing iPhone and switch to a cheaper SIM only contract. Once your contract runs out all you need to do is order a suitable SIM only plan for your phone and you can keep your number, existing handset and move easily to a lower tariff, even if you switch to a different mobile network.

What sized SIM card does my iPhone take?

If you wondering which type of SIM card your Apple iPhone takes the easy answer is that the iPhone 5c and 5s take nano SIM cards (the smallest type), the iPhone 4 models take micro SIMs and the iPhone 3 or older will require a standard sized SIM card. Most plans are available in all SIM card sizes; if you pick the best plan for your needs from our comparison tables and click-through to the provider’s website you will then be able to select the suitable sized SIM card. This is easy to do on the Vodafone, Three, EE, Virgin, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange websites. If you’re still not sure you can check out the range of iPhone 5 SIM only deals, iPhone 4 SIM Only tariffs here. Apple also have a handy guide for finding which size SIM card you iPhone needs here. If you order the wrong size SIM card for your iPhone it’s advisable to request your provider sends a replacement SIM in the correct size however for those willing to try some DIY it is possible to trim your micro or standard SIM card to nano size to fit the iPhone 5.

What about internet access and 4G?

Most SIM only plans will have a data allowance so you can use the mobile internet on your phone. If you want 4G internet access then this will only work if you have a 4G compatible iPhone such as the 4s and 4c models. You will then need to pick a plan which includes 4G internet access, to do this simply select the ‘4G’ option under network type at the top of the comparison table on this page or compare 4G SIM only deals here. Different plans will have different amounts of data allowance and there are a range of SIM only plans with unlimited data and internet usage for those of you who are worried about running up big bills from your internet use.