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EE SIM Cards

EE SIM Only deals come with superior 3G reception plus access to 4G. EE has by far the widest 4G coverage of any other network throughout the UK. For as low as £16 per month, you can get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive 2-for-1 EE Film cinema tickets by just sending a text. The perks don’t stop there though! Take a look at these other incredible incentives available when you pick an EE SIM:

  • 99p movie Thursdays and no data charges—buy any newly released movie from their film store and you can download it without being docked on your allowance
  • Free add-ons mean you can get exclusive multimedia service with certain packages
  • Free access to more than 20 million songs on Deezer
  • Over 15 live channels of TV from your phone
  • Two free game downloads per month with add-ons

When you visit the EE website you’ll get the option to choose from a combi SIM (a dual standard/micro SIM card) and a nano SIM depending on your device. If you’re not sure which SIM you need, there’s a handy guide for your convenience which will indicate the right one for you. The next step after you select the SIM is to select a plan.

The aforementioned deals are all eligible with a 12-month contract. If, however, you’re interested in a shorter rollover term, check out some of these 30-day options.