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Unlimited Data SIM

Frequent mobile users have much to benefit from by purchasing an unlimited data SIM. Individual minutes and texts can run you a pretty penny, not to mention the cost of data, so it’s advised to get an unlimited internet SIM to avoid unexpected charges. The major UK carriers all offer some form of an unlimited internet SIM. These plans can be purchased either on a monthly contract or 12-month contract. On average, either one of these options will be less costly than a standard mobile phone deal. The 12-month plan, however, tends to be a better value in the long run.

Unlimited Landline Calls

A number of contracts offer SIM only unlimited data and minutes with landline phones. If you’re in the habit of making mostly mobile to landline calls, consider one of these plans. Deals with unlimited internet and data allowance are also available on SIM only contracts. Regardless of phone type (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), an option is available. Take a look at the full range of SIM only deals with our comparison table and the brief overview below.


T-Mobile has a couple types of unlimited packages (pay-as-you-go and monthly) for micro and standard SIMs. Boosters are add-on services that you can get by paying a one-time fee or spreading the cost over a period of time.


Vodafone has a similar package called a Web Packs which a flexible internet add-ons. You can cancel this service at any time by contacting the provider.

3 Mobile

This company provides an unlimited data service which is slightly different than T-Mobile’s and Vodafone’s. 3 mobile has a fair usage restriction that puts a cap on usage. It’s available on the SIM 300 with AYCE data and on The One plan, which comes with a number of call minutes, texts, and internet.

Added extras are frequently added as part of these unlimited plans. Some include video conferences, VoIP calls, and active WiFi hotspots. Review the full comparison charts for a comprehensive list of SIM only unlimited internet plans.