Top SIM Card Apps

Subscriber Identity Modules or SIM cards as they’re more commonly known are small circuit boards which indicate the type of voice and data plan associated with mobiles and their carriers. When SIM cards malfunction, you may experience a number of issues. Some of the most frequently encountered problems are deleted information, lost contacts, and corrupted files. Fortunately, there are useful SIM card applications which are designed to retrieve the information and set up precautions to prevent similar errors from taking place. Below is a list of the top seven SIM card applications.

Paraben SIM Card Seizure Software

With Paraben’s SIM Card Seizure, you have the ability to recover deleted text/sms messages and perform a comprehensive analysis of the card’s data. Available in multiples languages, the recovery software also includes a Forensic SIM Card Reader which is suitable for even the most experienced investigator trying to dig up some dirt. It has some added tools like hash calculation, bookmarking, and reporting. Plus, if you want to keep an eye on the kids you can use the application to easily review their deleted texts. The price stands at $79.95 but you do have the choice to try out the demo before you purchase the full suite of features. Compared to some other applications on the list the price is a bit steep but Paraben’s service is unmatched in terms of recovery.

Copy to SIM Card

Copy to SIM Card is an application on the Android application which primarily copies contacts from your old SIM to your new one. It works on any device with Android 2.x or later. Unlike Paraben, this software doesn’t have all the extras but it is a convenient way to backup all your contacts. Say for example you drop your phone and damage the SIM card. If you’ve successfully backed up your data with Copy to SIM then you can quickly recopy them onto a new one without the worry and stress. The best part about it all is the price: absolutely free. You will however, have to deal with reoccurring ads since it is free of charge.

SIM Card Scanner Editor

SIM Card Scanner Editor has the ability to take 12 of your SIM cards and place them onto one backup drive. Imagine the time you’ll save by having all of your data conveniently located in one central location. It’s encrypted by a DES algorithm which adheres to the data encryption standards and claims to have a cracking rate of nearly 100%.

SIM Card Explorer

In the event you’re looking for something closer to a data manager, SIM Card Explorer will be your best bet. It’s a comprehensive solution for managing everything from phonebooks to card files. Keep in mind that it’s also a Windows program so it’s available to any phone regardless of make or model. Here are a few other popular features:

  • Delete, edit, or recover deleted txt/sms messages
  • Update and read card directories
  • Manage phonebooks
  • View and update SIM card files

SIM Manager

Looking for the Android version of SIM Card Explorer? You’re in luck! SIM Manager allows you to copy or remove SIM contacts as well as these features:

  • Export SIM messages to file or mobile memory
  • Multi select functionality
  • Copy phone contacts to SIM card

SIM Selector

Not all applications are solely for contacts and texts. There are a few, like SIM Selector, which functions as an application for dual SIM smartphones like the MTK65xx and Samsung Galaxy S duo. It’s used to select the SIM card outgoing calls based on a selected template. Based on goggle play reviews, it score generally high with uses and does a great job of working with the aforementioned devices.

SIM Card Manager

The SIM Card Manager is a 57 KB tool which reads the SIM card and displays the following information:

  • Phone number/type/device
  • State and country code
  • Operator and network code
  • Network type
  • Voice mail text and mail number

What’s great about the SIM Card Manager is that it doesn’t have any ads. Moreover, it has a very user-friendly interface.

These select 7 applications are some of the best programs for getting the most out of your SIM cards. They each offer something slightly different than the other. If you download one app and find that it doesn’t meet your needs, consult another one on the list. Check out the best SIM deals available to find one that’s right for you.