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Data SIM

If you are looking for a way to connect your iPad or another tablet to the internet when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, then a SIM only contract would allow you to do that for relatively cheap. Connecting a tablet to data is great for anyone who finds themselves in areas with no Wi-Fi. Whether you want to get some work done on the train or you want to stream a movie out of reach of a connection, a data SIM card is a great tool. However, you don’t need a typical talk, text and data SIM card for a tablet. That is where data only SIM cards are handy. A data only SIM card allows you to connect your tablet to 3G or 4G data so you can connect to the web when you are on the go and outside the reach of Wi-Fi.

Many tablets, including many iPhone models, use the smaller SIM versions. The iPad Air and iPad Mini use the nano SIM which is the smallest. The regular iPad and iPad 2 use the micro SIM. Despite the fact that they employ these special SIMs, there are SIM only deals available with many top providers that offer SIM contracts specifically for tablet users.

Another good thing about using a SIM only data contract for your tablet is that you don’t have to sign up for anything long term. The majority, if not all, available contracts available through top UK providers only have one month terms. This is great for controlling when you need data and when you don’t. If you plan on traveling or moving around and you can’t count on Wi-Fi just sign up for data for that month.