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SIM Contract

Saving money on things like mobile phone service is a great way to cut costs these days. A great way to do this is with a SIM only contract, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. A SIM only contract is a great way to get more minutes and texts for your money, and the concept is fairly basic. You sign up for a contract, but instead of paying for a new phone up front or over the course of your contract term, you bring your own phone and your money goes to getting more texts and minutes. In the end, you get a better plan for less money and a SIM card to connect your phone to your network.

SIM Only contracts are available at very affordable prices, even as little as £10 a month. Some even offer unlimited data for as little as £15 per month. Another positive aspect that you get with a SIM only contract is the length of the term. You don’t have to worry about being stuck in a 2-year agreement. Most SIM only contracts come with one year terms, but you can also go month-by-month with some providers. This offers you the luxury of convenience and choice. If you are unhappy with a contract, it ends before you have to deal with it for too long.

All of the top UK providers offer SIM only contracts, including:

If you are looking for a great SIM only contract, use our tools to find a plan that works for you. Just enter your preferred amount of minutes, your preferred data and the monthly cost you are comfortable with and we’ll find a plan for you.