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Blackberry SIM Only Plans

Blackberry was once an extremely popular phone company and it still holds a fair share of today’s market. If you still have your old device, you can keep it and look into Blackberry SIM only deals instead of opting for a pricier mobile contract. In fact, some providers, including Orange, O2 and Vodafone, offer deals that are specially made for Blackberry users. Since Blackberry phones are used by many professionals, these plans often include ways to keep you connected with unlimited minutes and texts. That way you can stay in communication with all the people you need to.

There are multiple benefits to subscribing to a new Blackberry SIM card as opposed to a typical contract. If you are happy with your Blackberry, you can keep it and move to a contract that won’t cause you to have to pay for another phone. You can keep your number and your device and get a better deal. Without having to pay for a new phone up front (or over the course of your phone contract’s term), you can save money and get better deals on minutes, texts and data. Plus, if you want to change devices you do not need to wait till your contract is up to upgrade.

Another advantage of SIM only contracts, for users of any types of phone, are the short term obligations. With a regular contract, you normally have to commit yourself to two years of payments. A SIM only plan comes with two types of shorter terms: monthly and yearly. This gives you the flexibility to choose the phone you want or bring your old one and look for better deals after a shorter term if you aren’t satisfied. If you have a Blackberry that satisfies you, there is no need to sign a long-term contract or buy a new device. A Blackberry SIM card may take care of everything you need.