About Sim Only

Our Mission Statement

At Sim-Only.co.uk we’re dedicated to finding you the best SIM only deals on the market in the UK. We aim to offer easy to use price comparison to help you quickly and easily find the most suitable deal for your needs.

We will always try and provide the most up-to-date plans from mobile providers through researching the latest plans. We aim to make our price comparison tables as easy to understand as possible and to contain all the relevant information to help you make an informed decision.

About this site and how it works

Sim-Only.co.uk is owned and operated by RWM Ventures Ltd, a UK company with the company number 7914515. This site is funded through advertising and we have commercial relationships with most of the mobile networks listed on this site. Some of the plans listed on this site make money for the site through affiliate links if you go on to purchase a deal from the provider's website after leaving this site. However, this has no impact on the amount you pay, in fact we will often list special offers meaning you pay less than the standard rate. Our first commitment will always be to show a transparent comparison of the plans listed on this site regardless of any advertising arrangements in place.

Improvements to the site and our service

While we make every effort to provide the best service we can we are always open to suggestions and are constantly looking to make improvements. If you have any suggestions please get in touch through our contact us page.

How to list your company’s SIM only plans on this site

If your company’s plans are not already listed on this site please head over to our contact us page and get in touch to discuss details on how to have your company’s SIM only deals added to this site.

Media enquiries

We are always happy to offer comment on any news stories concerning SIM only plans, mobile charges or ways to save money on your mobile phone bill. If you would like expert comment from our team please get in touch.