SIM Only Deals

We compare SIM only deals and plans from all the major UK mobile providers including Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile, Orange, EE, O2 and Virgin. Most networks offer either contract free 30 day SIM only plans or 12 month SIM only contracts. As these plans are constantly changing, we check deals daily with each network so we can provide an up-to-date view of exactly which are the best SIM only deals on the market. Whether you are after the cheapest plans or those with unlimited internet, unlimited text or minutes you can see all the available offers in one place in our easy to use comparison tables.

Choosing a SIM Only Plan

There are a wide range of different plans available, these work just like normal mobile phone contracts except that you don’t get a new mobile handset. By not supplying a new handset these deals cost much less per month than equivalent mobile phone contracts. When you place an order you will receive a new SIM card which you will use with your existing phone.

When choosing which plan to opt for the first thing to consider is the type of SIM card your mobile requires. It should either by a standard SIM card, a micro SIM or a nano SIM card. We have split out SIM only deals for iPhone, and Blackberry SIM Only deals and plans for your iPad although you will still need to ensure they are the right size for your particular model of device, for example the iPhone 4 requires a micro SIM whereas the iPhone 5 takes a nano SIM.

Once you know the size of SIM card your phone or tablet requires look at your last 3 months mobile usage to understand how many minutes, texts and how much internet data you use each month on average. This will give you a good idea of the type of plan you require. If you are planning on using mobile internet (as opposed to Wi-Fi), you will need a plan that includes mobile data. Consider if you will want a 3G SIM card plan or the faster 4G mobile internet which is usually more expensive. If you do want a 4G SIM only plan make sure that your phone is 4G compatible. For heavy data users we have listed the best SIM only deals with unlimited internet data. If you are looking for a plan for your iPad or tablet and only need data there are a range of data only SIM card plans available.

If you plan on using your mobile abroad, some plans cater for calling from EU or other countries. For those who plan on regularly calling overseas from the UK it could be worth looking at specialist international SIM only contracts.

If you are switching to a new mobile provider it is easy to keep your existing mobile phone number and the switch should be very straight forward. You will need to request something called the PAC number from your current mobile provider and give this to your new network. You can read more about this here on the Ofcom website.