Best SIM Only Deals

The growing popularity of SIM only plans has opened the door for more competitive offers from mobile providers. SIM only deals are now offered through big networks like Vodafone, Orange and EE. There are contract-free options that don’t keep subscribers tied up for the long term and plenty of different data and minute plans to suit every need.

These offers change constantly. To keep things simple, we update our list of SIM only deals every day. You can also look through our comparison page to find the best SIM only plans currently available. This saves time and keeps you from having to go from one site to another to compare plans.

Additional networks and pricing options are making themselves available all the time. Along with the companies mentioned above, providers like O2, T-Mobile and 3 have attractive SIM plans to choose from.

SIM Only Plans

With most SIM only contracts, you are given a set amount of minutes, text and/or data. Plans start under £10 per month and can get pricier depending on your usage. Some providers offer bonuses like free calls within network, unlimited text, etc. to entice new customers.

One of the main attractions about SIM only contracts is that you can use your existing handset. This can help save loads of money since you won’t be signing up for a mobile plan that may also be incorporating the cost of the handset you got when you subscribed. You can simply get an iPhone SIM card or choose from the Blackberry SIM only deals that are available as well. The savings of using a SIM plan versus getting a full mobile contract can be substantial. To see how it adds up, use our SIM only savings calculator and enter in your specific details.

SIM Cards

Each mobile phone and network type will have a specific SIM card that it uses. For instance, you may know that you need a micro SIM or a nano SIM for your particular phone. You may also need to consider whether you need a 3G SIM card or 4G SIM card.

UK mobile providers cover off just about every need when it comes to SIM plans. You can even specifically order a data-only SIM if you know that you will only be browsing the web with your mobile phone. These plans can also be in the form of an iPad SIM card for the popular Apple tablet.

No matter what you are looking for, options are available for those who require only the most basic plan as well as those wanting an unlimited internet SIM. Have a look around and see which provider and plan has what you need. You are bound to come across a few options that satisfy your wishes, so comparison shop and find the SIM only deal for you.